A Record Crowd!

Photo by Bob Blazina

There is a vibe that we felt last night the second we walked in to the venue. It was the anticipation of thousands of smiling people on a perfect Western New York evening. One of the largest crowds for the 6pm band, Mo Porter, set the tone for what was to come. (This photo shows only those who were standing in the main audience area. We don’t see the bridges, the boats packed in the entire harbor, or the crowds on the opposite bank on the Tonawanda side.) When we took the stage the anticipation became reality, and upwards of 5,000 people fed off our energy and returned it to us tenfold. Within a few songs the entire venue — including the staff, the performers, and our thousands of new friends — formed one big smile. As bassist Dave Herr said the morning after: “What a great night! When I woke up this morning the euphoria was still there!”