Lancaster Opera House – Another Sell-Out!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who packed this gorgeous venue for our sold-out performance. WHAT FUN!! Special thanks to the entire staff for their wonderful hospitality.

This show also marked the debut of Jerry Marrero on percussion, who Tore.It.Up!

Opened in 1897, the LOH has a stage with a rake, or rise, from front to rear of 1/2-inch per foot. This was done so audiences on the flat floor could see performers who were upstage.

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Photo by Justin Sledz

DHU Strand Theater: Sold Out

The DHU Strand Theater hosts intimate concerts and provides rehearsal space for a large number of WNY musicians. The theater presents several concerts and musicians’ jam sessions each month. Refreshments and beverages are not served, but concertgoers are welcome to bring their own.

All of the money from ticket sales for this Chicago Authority performance was donated to the Theater.

For more information, visit the DHU Strand Theater Facebook Page

Photo by Meredith Snow, Snow Photography

The Legendary Sportsmens

Sportsmen’s Tavern is legendary, and touring musicians know it is one of the best music clubs in the nation. It was an honor to stand on that stage in front of a sold-out venue!. Our sincerest thanks go out to Dwane, Jason, Ken, the entire staff, and especially to our friends and fans!

Thanks again to Al Hury for filling in for Keith Spurlock, who is recuperating nicely. In fact, Keith was front & center to not only cheer us on, but also to lend his incredible voice to several songs!

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Photo by Gary Johnson


The Tralf Music Hall

April 15th marked our first appearance at the legendary Tralf Music Hall in Buffalo, NY. We were informed just before we started that it was a sellout! The night was bittersweet, however, because our drummer Keith Spurlock had to miss the show due to emergency surgery. Keith’s OK and recuperating. Thanks to Al Hury for filling in!

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Photo by Nancy H.


Thank You Ridgeway, Ontario!

The folks in Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada treated us like family. It’s that famous Canadian hospitality! We had a packed house, some great food, a few beers (brewed in the building!), and a wonderful time. Thank you to our friends and fans from both sides of the border, and to A-1 Appliance of Ridgeway for the sponsorship.

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Photo by Justin Sledz


Christmas at the Palace

The benefit for the theater and the Hickory Club of Lockport saw several hundred people enjoying the three-hour show, which included an acoustic set and selections from Chicago’s Christmas albums.

Photo by Adam Hudson


Tonawandas’ Gateway Harbor

More than 5,000 people packed this magnificent outdoor venue for what can be described as a perfect summer evening in Western New York.

We were completely blown away by the response. The promoter told us it was the best crowd in years, and said we will be back next season!

Photo by Nite Life Promotions



Lockport’s Historic Palace Theatre

What can we say? Things just keep getting better and better. The band performed at this beautiful theater and the concert was recorded for a television show!

To say we had a great time is an understatement — we had the BEST time! Everyone associated with the theater, the live production, and the TV show treated us like royalty! As Jack said to the audience at the end of the night, “Most of all, we would like to thank you all for listening, because you made our night!”

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Photo by Paul Panzarella