The Egyptian Theatre

The legendary Egyptian Theatre in DeKalb, Illinois is a 10-hour drive from our home base in western New York state. We were supposed to split the drive and perform in Detroit or Toledo the night before but we couldn’t make that work. So we rented a big ol’ SUV and a U-Haul, sucked it up, and drove non-stop. What a BLAST!

We arrived the night before and immediately found a sports bar that could accommodate all ten of us. We didn’t go there for the sports, however. (They also had really good food!) Fortunately it was 200 feet from our hotel.

The venue holds a legacy that dates back nearly 100 years. Performers on that stage include Journey, Heart, and (rumor has it) the band to which we pay tribute!

All in all, it was an amazing experience — one that we look forward to repeating in the future.